Saipan , Mariana Islands :

Business Information Map
A map unlike anything ever published in the region 
containing a wealth of facts and data certain to of 
interest to new residents and investors . 
It is not a tourist map , but has been designed to 
provide helpful information to those considering 
Saipan as a new home or a place to establish a 
business . 
This unique map is a visual directory for almost 
every concievable service a newcomer would 
need to get around the island . 
It lists associations , clubs , hotels , motels and 
"selected" apartments and contains information 
on many subjects such as weather , tips on 
moving , business licensing requirements and 
many other areas of interest . 
Color , English . 
Contact : Saipan Chamber Of Commerce , 
P.O. Box 806 (C K) , Saipan , M.P. 96950 
Tel. (670) 233 - 7150 
Fax. (670) 233 - 7151 
Price $3.00 

See a small portion of the map


Business Information Map