Economic Service Counsel
William H. Stewart, Senior Economist & Investment Advisor
William H. Stewart is Senior Economist & Investment Advisor
for Economic Service Counsel Inc., a firm incorporated in the
Commonwealth Of The Northern Mariana Islands, (CNMI).
The firm specializes in customized, independent economic,
business and geographic research; cartographic design as well
as publishing and advertising marketing activities.
Economic Service Counsel provides independent, confidential
services and advice on a wide variety of issues relating to business
activities and investment plans in the Northern Marianas and other
islands in the western Pacific area. The firm specializes in customized
business and geographic research; cartographic design, publishing and
advertising marketing activities. Additionally, the firm provides
research and analyses in support of issues under consideration for
litigation. Excerpts From "Selected" Letters of Reference

Forensic Economics
Technical Assistance In Determining Lost Income Resulting From Personal
Injury / Wrongful Death Litigation & Damage Assessment.

Our thoroughly researched documentation is  prepared in support of  litigation
to determine financial losses as a result of personal injury or, in cases of
wrongful death, the economic  loss to an estate.

We have successfully developed the supporting documentation for more than
two dozen such analyses for use in the Commonwealth to determine the
extent of financial liability discounted for net present values.

Our analyses of discounts rates, actuarial data, inflation rates, productivity
increases, etc., are supported by recognized reliable sources.

For those law offices representing clients involved in these issues we would
be pleased to discuss our services in support of your efforts.

All assignments are held in strict confidence and disclosed only by our clients
at their discretion.

Our analyses involve calculations in U. S. and foreign currencies; appropriate
actuarial tables; selection of discount factors for present values; inflationary
adjustments and, where required, projections of assumed income increases
normally expected to occur over a normal, accident
free working career.

Each analysis is based on extensive research from foreign demographers;
actuarial tables; productivity factors, historical  currency exchange rates,
inflation rates and central bank discount rates to determine present value of
income as documented and supported by reliable, independent sources.

We specialize in personal injury lost income and wrongful death analyses for
Asian nationalities ,e.g., Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and others and
maintain a comprehensive data bank of foreign central bank discount rates,
actuarial information, historical foreign exchange and inflation rates, productivity
increases, etc.

We provide the necessary  economic technical support to strengthen the
presentations and efforts related to special interest issues, insurance
negotiations and  trial appearances.

Economic Service Counsel maintains a respect  for confidence, a concern for
excellence and a devotion to discretion on all assignments. Its professional staff
is capable of applying broad professional judgment to a wide range of
assignments. This creative technical support, which is flexible and adaptable,
can be used to obtain economic information through special investigative and
intelligence techniques not otherwise  readily available from the more traditional
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Project Investment Documentation & Financial Analyses
     The firm prepares financial analyses and project feasibility
studies for resort hotels and other tourist related projects under
investment consideration. These documented analyses depict estimated
income and expenses at various levels of occupancy; determine internal
rates of return; calculates net present values over projected cash flow
durations, etc., and have been widely used to support loan documentation
requirements from financial institutions or used to enlist joint venture
participation in project implementation.
      The firm, or its principals,  have performed consulting
assignments for such financial institutions as:
The Inter-American Development Bank, Bahamas Development Bank, African
Development Bank, Tunisian Development Bank, Thailand's Board Of
Investment and prepared loan documentation and financial feasibility
analyses for several World Bank projects. In addition, the firm, or its
principals, have prepared foreign investment promotion publications for
such areas as: West Virginia, Miami Florida, Tunisia, Thailand, Bahamas,
Ghana, Ivory Coast, Palau, Truk, Northern Marianas, U. S. Agency For
International Development, Corps of Engineers-Saudi Arabia. Economic
consulting assignments undertaken for private clients have included:
Bank Of America, General Motors, Pan American Intercontinental Hotels
and others.
     Economic Service Counsel has provided the technical support to
strengthen the presentations and efforts of special interest groups when
appearing before U. S. and foreign legislative committees and regulatory
agencies. When it has been necessary to enhance the firm's capabilities
and technical competence, Economic Service Counsel affiliates by
contract with outside specialists in a particular area of concern.
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Business Site Selection
While Economic Service Counsel is not a real estate appraisal firm
its comprehensive, unbiased evaluations of individual property sites
addresses more than 25 different issues of interest relating to a
specific acquisition under consideration and provides detailed maps of
the area under examination. It maintains a comprehensive business
information and investment data bank on the CNMI; undertakes economic
analyses, investigative reports, market research, project financial
feasibility studies and advises on real estate acquisition. The firm
specializes in investment promotion and business proposal presentations
to government agencies, financial institutions and potential private
local and foreign joint venture investors. Site selection analyses and
evaluation reports are prepared for individual residential investment,
apartment and condominium sites, hotels, golf courses and related
tourist projects and commercial development.
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Cartographic Activities & Products
Economic Service Counsel's map production and publishing activities
cover a wide range of cartographic products and geographic areas. The
firm, or its principals, have provided cartographic consulting services
to National Geographic, American Automobile Association, Rand McNally
and other map publishers. The firm is listed in the directory of the
National Cartographic Information Center as well as the Library Of
Congress, "Catalog of Descriptive Maps and Charts"  and a variety of
published map catalogs. The firm's maps are maintained in the libraries
of many universities and archives; municipalities; business
organizations and government agencies; the National Geographic Society;
the Smithsonian Institution and other organizations .
      Economic Service Counsel prepares and publishes special purpose
pictorial and historical "theme maps" such as "World War Two Pacific
Battlefields" and other cartographic products such as the "Map Of Guam",
Tourist Maps for Palau, Guam ,Saipan, Tinian, Rota, Kosrae  as well as
the "Dive Map of Truk Lagoon"  the "1944 Battlefield Map of Peleliu" and
"Bikini & Majuro Atolls - site of a nuclear graveyard of W W II
warships" and many others. These map products are prepared for visitors'
bureaus, chambers of commerce, resort areas and individual private firms.
     To date the firm has published more than 1.5 million copies of its
maps and books.
     For its research sources, the firm has extensive holdings of
microfilmed documents as well as published and unpublished  economic,
social and cultural material on Micronesia and World War Two historical
information in addition to maintaining a library of maps of all islands
in the central Pacific. The firm has a scholarly relationship with the
U. S. National Archives, Library Of Congress and military historical
sources and has received recognition from the White House, New York
Times, West Point, U. S. Naval Archives, numerous universities and other
      These maps are prepared in an unusual cartographic style that both
informs and captivates with compelling anecdotes and pictorial sketches.
The maps  contain information of historical, geographic and cultural
interest. Economic Service Counsel does not distribute these
cartographic products on an individual basis. Interested parties should
contact the address sources listed elsewhere on the web page -
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For more information on Investing in the Northern Mariana Islands, contact:
William H. Stewart - Consulting Forensic Economist & Investment Advisor, Author &
Publisher of: "Business Reference & Investment Guide To The Northern Marianas",
"Tourism Investment Opportunities In The CNMI", "Saipan Business Information Map"
and many other economic and business publications.

Economic Service Counsel
William H. Stewart
Senior Economist & Investment Advisor

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