Saipan In Flames 

An account of the 1944 invasion of Saipan and "Operation Forager" 
which was the turning point in the Pacific war . 
Produced in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the invasion , 
the book is based on declassified "Top secret" military documents 
and plans . 
The research effort has drawn upon extensive holdings of World War 
Two microfilm of military intelligence reports , aerial photographs , 
diaries of the combatants and other rare historical documents from 
each of the opposing forces . 
The publication contains documents rarely seen before , photographs 
and letters offering an interesting insight into the battle are also 
presented . 
A translated diary of a Japanese soldier stationed on Saipan and the 
chilling , eyewitness account of a German Catholic priest who lived 
through the holocaust of Hiroshima are among the authentic accounts 
published for the first time . 
Also included is an analyses of the Japanese defense of the island and 
the Japanese military's assessment of the American soldier along with 
analysis of "Fear In Combat" . 
A special map has bee included , never before designed , which depicts 
the name , locations of all major war ships of the united States Navy 
and the Imperial Japanese Navy lost during the conflict in the pacific . 
The book is not a novel - but rather a "study" of the invasion and a 
description of events occurring after the war up to the present time . 
Produced in color , 93 pages with more than 40,000 words . 
Contact : J.M. Guerrero Associates , P.O. Box 1292 , Saipan , 
M.P. 96950  (via USA) . 
Fax. (670) 234 - 2138 
Tel. (670) 234 - 3533 
Price $25 , Airmail . 
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Saipan In Flames