Pacific Historical Maps

Pacific Historical Maps
Publishers of Historical maps and books of World War Two Battlefields

A division of Economic Service Counsel

William H. Stewart
William H. Stewart – participant in the ceremonies commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Invasion and liberation of Saipan & Tinian – June 15, 2004
Pacific Historical Maps and its associate firm, Economic Service Counsel publishes special purpose, regional, tourist “theme” and historical maps in an unusual cartographic style that both informs and captivates with compelling anecdotes and pictorial sketches.
The maps contain information of historical, geographic and cultural interest and have been designed by military historical cartographer, William H. Stewart. Several of the maps are retained in the archives of the National Geographic Society; the Smithsonian Institution and many universities.
Pacific Historical Maps does not distribute these cartographic products on an individual basis. Interested parties should contact the address sources listed below for the various maps and books currently in print.


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  • Saipan, Mariana Islands: Tourist Map Of Saipan
  • Saipan, Mariana Islands: Saipan Battlefield Map 1944
  • Saipan, Mariana Islands : Business Information Map
  • Tinian, Mariana Islands
  • Rota, Mariana Islands
  • Guam, Mariana Islands
  • Palau & Peleliu, Western Caroline Islands:
  • “Tourist Map Of Palau” and “Battlefield Map Of Peleliu”

  • Truk , Eastern Caroline Islands:
  • “Dive Map Of The Ghost Fleet Of The Truk Lagoon”

  • Kosrae: “Tourist Map Of Kosrae”
  • Pohnpei:
  • “Map Of Pohnpei and the Ancient Ruins Of Nan Madol”

  • Yap, Western Caroline Islands:
  • “Tourist Map Of Yap , Island Of Stone Money”

  • The Mystery of Amelia Earhart:
  • with notes surrounding The Disappearance of the 
    Lockheed Electra & The Flight to Howland Island

  • Marshall Islands: Tourist Map of Bikini & Majuro Atolls
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  • Ghost Fleet Of The Truk Lagoon
  • Saipan In Flames
  • Business reference And Investment Guide To The
  • Commonwealth Of The Northern Mariana Islands

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