Potpourri Of Potential Projects

Potpourri Of Potential Projects

I have always been interested in the creativeness of entrepreneurs and the varied ways people make money in business. Once, when driving down the Florida Keys, I saw a sign that read “Santini’s Porpoise Training School.” I couldn’t resist not stopping to inquire what the business was all about and learned it was the home of television star “Flipper”, if you remember him.

The proprietor told me that they trained porpoises to jump through hoops and push balls around at aquariums throughout the world. I asked how the creatures were shipped to places like Berlin and Saudi Arabia and he told me that they were transported in boxes by air freight. They are mammals and he would place them in water tight containers equipped with an $18 battery operated Sears Roebuck water pump and spray them with about 20 gallons of circulating water over and over again to keep them wet until they reached their destination. “How much does a trained porpoise cost?” I asked. “From $1,500. to $3,000 depending on the length of time to train” was the reply. I then asked, “How much does a dumb porpoise cost?” – “ We don’t have any dumb porpoises”, he snapped.

Thinking about the many different ways people earn money prompted this article and the thoughts on several unusual projects. Health Spa One project I have been thinking about concerns the feasibility of a particular type of “health spa” in the Marianas and its possible market in Japan.. There is a medical condition known as psoriasis which is non contagious and caused by nerves. Dandruff is a mild form of this affliction, but for some it is quite serious causing large red blotches over the body. The only center for treatment that I am aware of is the International Psoriasis Treatment Center located along the Dead Sea in the Middle East. Treatment involves bathing in highly saline water which has resulted in about an 85 percent success rate. In the U. S. from 7 to 8 million people are seriously afflicted with this condition. The plausibility should be explored for such a treatment center in the Commonwealth where a large pool or reservoir would be filled with sea water and through evaporation reach a salt content equal to that of the Dead Sea.

The spa should also have all the amenities of a resort hotel. Central to its feasibility is determining the number of Japanese that might have this particular medical condition and thus be in the market to combine treatment with a vacation. If financially viable such a health spa could be of interest to potential investors. Tourist Scenic Miniature Railway I would think that the resurrection of the sugar train should be of interest to some entrepreneur as a great tourist attraction. The route for this miniature rail line could be run from the vicinity of the Nikko Hotel north to the monuments and cenotaphs around to Bird Island. The right of way should not be too difficult to lease since the Marpi area is government owned land. Old maps show the route before its destruction during the war.

The grade is more or less in place so site preparation would not appears to be a great expense. An estimate of the 24 inch wide track to be laid is about $25. per running foot exclusive of subgrading and bridges. An 84 passenger diesel powered, 4 cylinder train engine with three coaches would cost about $150,000. Anyone interest in more information should contact: Chance International, P. O. Box 12328, Wichita, Kansas, 67277-2328. Other projects that should be evaluated to determine their profit potential include: Fruit Culture:Papaya: Fresh papaya, jam,marmalade, pickles,canned papaya, frozen papaya, papaya juice, banana chips, pudding, frozen or canned mango, star-apple, guava, passion fruit .

Flower Culture: Flowers have high value in relation to bulk and can be flown to Asian markets, they include: plumeria, hibiscus, anthurium, chrysanthemum, roses, snap dragons, carnation, vanda orchid, ti- leaf, marigold. Scientific/Aesthetic:Cultural Center, aquarium, planetarium. Service (Tourism Oriented): Saddle horse rental (horse drawn cabs), flea market shopping operation, bottling (water -Rota), hot air sightseeing balloons (tethered ), aerial cable lift (to Mt. Tapotchau with mountain top restaurant), underwater marine observatory, Suicide /Banzai Cliff observation elevator. Manufacturing or Assembly: leather sandals, belts, wallets, etc.,handicrafts and souvenirs (shell jewelry), ceramic products, beachwear (bathing suits), candy, Hafa Adai island shirts & mu mus, souvenir candles. Marine: mariculture (marine shrimp), pearls (cultured-Northern Islands), hatchery, marine shrimp juveniles (for export).