Japan as a Pacific Power
Japanese Strategy
American Strategy
Invasion of Saipan
The Last Surrender of World War II
Tinian - The Final Offensive
Seize, Occupy and Defend Tinian
The Effort at Tinian
Secret Cargo to Tinian
A Steel Shark
Death of a Warship
The Final Offensive
The Northern Mariana Islands And World War Two
With A Review Of The Role Of Tinan, The Atomic Bomb And The Loss Of The U.S.S. Indianapolis

Chronolgy of the Pacific War and the Battle for Saipan
The recent history of the Northern Marianas and its relationship
with the United States is inextricably entwined with the events
surrounding World War Two. The following historical information
is provided to place the period, the islands  and the events leading
up to the war in perspective.

Special Section:
Saipan and the mystery of Amelia Earhart
The CNMI Guide would like to thank Mr. William H. Stewart
for providing all the information used in these pages.