Japan as a Pacific Power
Japanese Strategy
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Invasion of Saipan
The Last Surrender of World War II
Tinian - The Final Offensive
Seize, Occupy and Defend Tinian
The Effort at Tinian
Secret Cargo to Tinian
A Steel Shark
Death of a Warship
The Final Offensive
Tinian - the final offensive, August 6 and 9, 1945
It was an event launched from Tinian that brought  the war in the
Pacific to a close and restored peace to a war weary world. The
B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay departed the island in the early
morning hours of August 6, 1945 to deliver an atomic bomb which
destroyed Hiroshima.
Days later a second device was dropped on Nagasaki convincing
the Japanese military that hostilities should be concluded.
Components of the bomb had been delivered to Tinian days earlier
by the United States Cruiser Indianapolis.
A little known event involving this warship resulted in the greatest
tragedy in the annals of United States naval history.  After delivery
of its ominous cargo, the vessel was sunk by the Japanese submarine
I - 58 and was the last major warship lost in World War Two. One can
only speculate as to the outcome of history had the vessel been sunk
before delivering its secret cargo to Tinian.  This article chronicles the
events at Tinian that lead to the end of the war and last days of the
Indianapolis and many of its officers and crew.